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A new home, other birds, other sights... Una nueva casa, otras aves, otras vistas..

Another home, other birds... This house is further east from where we lived. There are few street trees, mainly ash, jacarandas and white cedars that line the sidewalks, but sadly trees in private properties are disappearing. What was once an area of large houses with gardens is turning into a gray neighborhood full of tall buildings with expensive cheaply-made apartments that are barely occupied. More and more new buildings and others in construction that appear to be designed by the same architect(s) are sprouting all over the place.
I have observed practically the same species of birds we saw near the old home, not too far from here: finches, sparrows, thrashers, blackbirds, grackles, towhees, inca doves and pigeons. What I haven't seen, probably because they thrive in more forested and shaded habitats, is the cinammon flower piercer (Diglossa baritula), an elusive little bird with a hooked bill that loves flowers and hummingbird feeders. The male has a bright cinammon-colored br…

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