Thursday, June 21, 2012

Baby Hawk 1 Has Fledged

Yesterday, a day before the summer solstice, was rainy and overcast and not a very good one for hawk watching. The photos were not so great either and a faint drizzle was getting me and my gear all wet.
But I was filled with joy when I snooped towards the nest tree and saw two of these enormous baby hawks prancing around in and about their nest, jumping and wing flapping, preparing for flight, and then snuggling together in the nest.
I waited for awhile searching for the third one and all of the sudden I saw it flying and then landing clumsily on the branch of a cedar tree that was really far away (about 60 feet) from the nest tree, looking very brave and wiggling its tail feathers. 
Definitely this has to be H1, the eldest of the three.

H1 has fledged

H2 and H3 in nest. Still not ready to fledge?

And then, in the midst of the incoming storm and 'chasing' the fledgling with my camera I caught Matias mounting Alba. The pics aren't very good but definitely a (very quick!) mating took place:

Parents Alba (on branch) and Matias (above) keeping watch over fledgling

Matias flies away and Alba remains on branch

Matias returns, pecks at Alba's foot

Matias pecks at Alba's head

Then, Matias mounts Alba



That's it?

A view from a distance of the hawks' favorite 'perch tree'

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