Monday, October 8, 2012

Empty Nests!

I'm afraid we won't see or hear young hawks in our park this season. 
Earlier this week I went up to my watch tower hoping to see mother hawk sitting happily at her nest and.... much to my dismay, it was empty, abandoned. What appear to be the remains of two eggs are sprawled along the edge of the nest.
Sad, so sad, but, I believe I have to accept this is nature. Maybe the eggs were not fertilised properly, something went wrong in the process; maybe one of the recent storms destroyed them; they moved to another tree? another park?
I have so many questions and few answers. Very little is written or researched here in Mexico about these majestic birds that now soar the sky in many areas of this city. 
A day after I had seen Alba at her nest I saw her and Matias flying west to another nearby park. It surprised me to see that mother hawk had left the nest unattended, but it led me to think something out of the normal was happening.

Alba sitting at her nest

Abandoned nest with (egg?) remains
 Another nest in different white cedar tree (used successfully in March) is also empty
A "hawk's eye" view of our park and neighborhood

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