Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New hawk nest. Spring 2012

Alba sits at her new nest at the top of this tree
Alba and Matias at their new nest

While las winter's three young hawks continued to branch in park trees and learn the essentials of raptor hunting, mother hawk "Alba" was still closely watching her offspring. At the time I took these pictures there were still three juveniles. 

Suddenly, I didn't see Alba for a few weeks and the fledglings seemed very nervous. I saw how one of the fledglings stood for a long time at the very thin ledge of a window in one of the tall buildings around the park and later flying to one of the eucalyptus trees. And they were crying a lot, begging for food. 

I wasn't seeing Alba, and very little of Matias because they were both busy making the new nest in a different tree, also a white cedar, more sturdier than the original nest tree.

This series of the fledglings with Alba is a few weeks before my nest finding.

Mother "Alba" perches next to one of her three offsprings

Young hawk demands attention (or food) from mother

Mother hawk "Alba"

This is possibly Matias, also watching over young

Young hawk looking down 

More branch balancing practices

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