Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Young Hawks Getting Ready to Fledge

After last week's hawk attack by parents Alba and Matias I decided to take it easy and wait a few days to return to my 'watch tower'. And yes, just as I was expecting the hawk babies don't look like babies anymore. The three are quite large now, almost their parents' size, have brown feathers on practically all their bodies, except for lighter, streaked chests, and they are starting to jump and walk to other branches within and around the nest tree. 
I took the following pictures last Friday, June 15 just after a pretty heavy rain storm. To identify these young hawks I am naming them with numbers: "H1", "H2", and "H3"; in the understanding that the eldest is H1 and the youngest H3. The three look very healthy and strong so I guess food has not been a problem. 
This is the first time in more than six years that I have the fortune to see the nest so close and from above, a bird's view or rather 'a hawk eye's view', of the nest - since the eggs were laid (approx end of April) until now, nearly two months later - and it is a tremendous learning experience. 
I am not an ornithologist, nor an expert on hawks but I love to see and hear them, to watch and study their behavior, especially their unique family bond.

Mother "Alba" observes her three hawklets from above. Note one of baby's feet extreme right.
H1 looks the strongest and practically ready to leave nest tree.

 H3 (in nest) and possibly H2 on branch to the right

The three hawklets at nest tree. H1 is on branch to the left

Parent hawk perched at old nest tree, now used mostly as roost tree

Zooming out of nest tree

Mother "Alba" still angry with me. Screeching.

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