Monday, July 23, 2012

Juveniles in Action

These beautiful Harris hawks never cease to amaze me. I love the way their families keep together especially when preening (cleaning their feathers), roosting, hunting, eating... 
I had to make a recess for a few days mainly due to the stormy weather and now I am pleased to see the two adults and their three offspring looking very active and healthy.
I spotted this pair from a building above - looks like one of the parents and a juvie - and I still can't figure out what they were looking at, perhaps a lizard, their own reflection in the puddle of water...?
I'm also including two pictures of a Harris hawk perched on a huge billboard and two song trushes (aka "Primavera", our Mexican version of the Robin) mobbing the hawk. Primaveras don't like hawks because they attack their nests and eat their eggs or young, so it is common to see them literally attacking the raptors by flying swiftly over the hawk, many times pecking its head in their attempt to force it away.

Admiring its reflection?
Older hawk (left) seems to be looking for something
Something, not sure what, has caught the hawks' attention. Older hawk (possibly mother Alba), on the right

Adult hawk flies away to another roof

Adult hawk at roof nearby

Adult hawk 

Song Thrush (Primavera) perched on lamp (left), and Harris hawk on billboard

Primavera 'mobs' Harris hawk

Juvenile perched on Eucalyptus tree branch

Adult hawk perched high above Eucalyptus tree
Two juvies and adult (left) at tallest Eucalyptus tree while raining

Hunting with parents in the rain

Juvie perched on another Eucalyptus tree after the rain

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