Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Young hawk hunting in our roof garden

This morning a loud alarm call of a Primavera, or rufous-backed robin (turdus rufupalliatus) caught my attention. I ran upstairs with my camera and just as I suspected a young harris hawk was perched on a railing in our roofgarden, precisely over a spot favored by a family of squirrels that lives in the trees behind us.
The location of the hawk was complicated for taking pictures, first, because I was afraid the young bird would get scared and fly away and second, because the sun was shining brightly and against me so I had to position myself quietly to take advantage of the best view of our visitor. The hawk didn't seem to mind me so I started shooting:

The hawk is against the sun in the center behind the bird feeder.

A close up shows the white streaking on chest, revealing it is young. Probably a female (very large) and most possibly a fledgling of recent clutch hatched last May

Another angle of the bold fledgling

A full view of the hawk from a different angle avoiding the sun

The angry Primavera came back to scare the hawk away. He (she) flew towards the park behind our house.

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