Friday, October 19, 2012


There are times like now when I have to give up, keep calm, and just let nature take its course.
Since my last post regarding the empty nests I have not seen the hawk pair Alba and Matias together like I normally saw them. Their visits to the park have been quite sporadic but I've seen (and heard) Matias alone on occasions, especially at dusk. The last time I saw him he was making a funny noise, like a parrot's call. I whistled to him in response, attempting to mimic the sound he makes,  and he answered back, just like parrots do sometimes. The hawk appeared to be fine. Was he calling his mate?

 Perhaps I haven't seen them very much these days because as occurs with many birds at this time of the year this is the moulting season, when birds change their feathers to prepare for winter. During the moulting process their metabolism slows down and they are not so active nor so visible.  They could be building a nest somewhere else or rebuilding the usual one after the last clutch apparently did not succeed (see last post 'Empty Nests'). Or maybe they are moving to other territories where food is more available and hunting is better, so necessary in this strengthening process.

Parent (left) with two children perched on a Eucalyptus tree earlier this year

Previous picture of Alba

Recent picture of Matías atop favorite tree

Matias taking off 

Matias in flight toward building

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